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WORLD'S OLDEST MAN Puppet by Axtell!

Who will he be for your show??

The World's Oldest...


Give us your ideas, and talk about this guy in the Customer Forum!

An amazingly detailed puppet by Axtell. The World's Oldest Man comes undressed with long hair and eyebrows...and there are lots of options! Style of Clothes, Beard, Rod Arm, Shoes, Feet, etc. 36" soft body, Arm enters at back. Just remember to handle this elder with tender loving care....even if all he does is yell at you! Ha! A REAL CHARACTER!
Perfect Scrooge!

We can put mutton Chops on him for $50. Lightweight Top Hat $20, Add your own Scarf & Glasses! Bah Humbug!  

Discuss the World's Oldest Man in the Customer Forum!
FARMER CLOTHES Overalls and Flannel
Beard & Robe
Optional Bare Feet & Sandals.

Great for Wizards, Wise Man, Biblical Characters
Optional Sculptured Fabric Feet with Sandals. (Regular feet are shaped like socks so they can wear shoes)
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